Our Story

We are a family-run business sharing our passion and love for LEGO®. Dashbrick has been growing with our family and we are now excited to bring you along with us on the journey.

Starting in our apartment, we bought our first bulk LEGO® purchase of second-hand bricks where we spent hours sorting through the colours and shapes of these bricks all while connecting with one another (and LEGO® for that matter). The idea to sell LEGO® was to fund our increasing love for our newfound hobby. This addictive hobby has sent us down the path of purchasing Creator sets, Minifigures™ collections but more importantly designing and sharing our fascination for MOCs (My Own Creations).

Our next step is to share this passion with many others who are seeking to purchase quality parts at an affordable price with attention to customer care, in particular fast shipping and delicate handling of these precious bricks! 

We hope we can ignite your passion or nurture your exisiting love for LEGO®. Welcome to our journey - we hope you can join us!

Brick Packs

Are you in the mood for a burst of vibrant creativity? Take a dive into our kaleidoscope of genuine LEGO bricks – explore our complete assortment of Brick Packs!

Combo Packs

Unlock limitless building possibilities with our dynamic Combo Packs – a fusion of sought-after elements for elevating your creations to new heights!


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